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Burglar Alarm Systems for Homes

Home security systems protect from burglary and theft with many sensors and systems available to meet all your needs. These sensors will alert you to the presence of someone in your home which will give you time to react and protect your family. Secure Alarms provides a wide array of home security sensors which protect your home and alert you to potential harm

Our basic burglary package includes:

  • A control panel
  • Keypad
  • Siren
  • Backup battery
  • Motion detector
  • Three window/door sensors
  • Window/door stickers
  • Yard sign
  • Insurance certificate for possible homeowner's discounts

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Sump Pump Failure and Flood Detection

Are you ever away from home for more than a day? It doesn’t take long for a basement to flood and cause major damage to your home.

Whether the sensor is placed in your sump pump, or near a basement floor drain, it will trigger when it becomes wet, sending a signal to our monitoring center, who will then call you or the individuals you have pre-designated to check on your home in the event of such an emergency.

There is no additional monthly monitoring charge for sump pump failure and flood detection monitoring.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Known as the "silent killer", accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning accounts for nearly 300 deaths and 5,000 injuries every year, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Carbon monoxide comes primarily from malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances, including furnaces, fire places, water heaters and gas stoves. Inhaling the colorless, odorless gas causes headaches and nausea and eventually death.

CO sensors installed on Secure Alarms systems protect you, your family and your pets from this odorless, colorless threat 24 hours a day. If CO levels in your home reach a dangerous point, this sensor will alert you and Secure Alarms monitoring center. If necessary, the proper authorities will be dispatched to your home.

There is no additional monthly monitoring charge for carbon monoxide detection.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Systems for Homes

When there's a fire, every second counts. Store-bought smoke detectors serve you well when you are home, but when you are not at home to report a fire, it may be too late by the time a neighbor or passerby sees it and makes the call.

Having Secure Alarms monitored smoke detectors provide the added peace of mind of knowing the fire department will be contacted in a fire emergency, even when you're not home.

There is no additional monthly monitoring charge for smoke detectors.

Home Climate Protection Package

If you are away from home, you can still monitor your indoor weather with sensors that can protect against fire, flood, frozen pipes and the impact of power loss on freezers or other appliances. Start off with a package that includes a keypad/siren, two smoke sensors and a freeze sensor or choose the components that best fit your needs.

Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

How medical alert systems help in an emergency

Should an emergency occur, an individual presses the emergency alarm button located on the two-way calling station or wireless wrist band, belt clip or neck pendant. Once the alarm button has been pressed, an alarm has been signaled to our monitoring center where an 

emergency responder will be notified that an event is occurring. The emergency responder will talk to you, or your loved one over the intercom to find out if emergency personnel or a loved one should be notified or dispatched.

If you're not near the medical alert station, you, or your loved one, will wear a wireless transmitter (see photos below). This wireless device will send a signal to your medical call station and send an alarm to dial out to an emergency responder. Secure Alarms also offers personal emergency call buttons for showers. Should an individual slip or fall in the shower, help is only a push of a button away. Motion sensors can detect if an individual has not moved in a certain duration of time. If the sensor has not detected movement, an alarm will be sent to emergency responders and someone will be notified to check on you or your loved one.  Any of these devices can be added onto the two-way medical emergency, personal emergency system.

A medical alert system, monitored by Secure Alarms can ensure you or your loved ones will have quick access to help during an emergency. Freedom and independence is now possible with an emergency response system for personal safety.

What do I need for the medical alarm to work?

Medical emergency alarm systems work at any home or independent living facility that has a telephone line. It connects to your telephone line and automatically places a call for help whenever you need assistance. Family, friends, neighbors and medical personnel, whom you choose, are notified immediately so they can respond to your needs.

Medical alert, life response systems are affordable

The price of a emergency alarm system is very affordable! The price of a system is $31.95 per service. Service means per telephone line. You can have any number of individuals on the system and the price won't change. The $31.95 per service has many benefits! The price is for the service each month, free installation and free in-home service maintenance! (this includes having a technician come into your home and change a battery, which is no charge!)

Don't settle for a medical alert system sold on the Internet. We are dedicated to service and we provide response to your needs. You don't have to worry about installing this system, we will do it for you. The only thing you have to worry about is learning how to press a button, and that's just as easy as pushing the "on" button of a TV remote.

Protect your loved one today...

All basic Medical Emergency Packages come with one bedside unit (this can be placed anywhere in your home) and one mobile alert device such as a neck pendant, wrist band or belt clip.

Low Temperature Notification

Alleviate the worry of your pipes freezing with low temperature sensors. These sensors are ideal when you are away on a winter vacation, or if you have a cabin, because they detect temperature fluctuations that fall below preset levels.

When Secure Alarms receives a signal from a temperature sensor, dispatchers will call you or the individuals you have pre-designated to check on your home in the event of an emergency.

There is no additional monthly monitoring charge for low temperature notification.

Video Monitoring

See what you care about, Instantly.

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Interactive Security

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